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The Downtown Sound DJ Service
The Downtown Sound DJ Service
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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  Will you take requests ?
A.  Absolutely.  Requests are encouraged from you and your guests. 

Q. Do you take breaks ?
A. Other than 5-10 minutes to eat a meal (if provided), I do not take breaks.

Q. Is set up time included ?
A. I arrive 2 hrs. early to set up and review details with venue. You don't pay for set up time. 

Q. Do you have back up equipment ?
A. Yes.  I have back-ups to my back-ups.

Q. Do you have a wireless microphone for toasts and speeches ?
A. Yes.  I have a wireless microphone, and can provide lapel mic for a ceremony if needed.

Q. What if you get sick ?
A. No worries. My network of colleagues can cover, though I've never missed a job in 30+ years.

Q. Can we choose our own music ?
A. Yes.  I provide a music selection form so you can submit a "Play List" and "Do Not Play List".

Q. Do you use props ?
A. Ordinarilly no.  However if a customer wants, party props are available.

Q. Can we come to see you perform ?
A. Since most events are private,  I can not invite you to someone else's party.     

Q. Do you do other things besides play music ?
A. I help you plan details in advance and M/C your party so everything runs smoothly.   

DJ Alex Belmonte
The Downtown Sound 
Disc Jockey Service
877 Auburnville Way, Unit O-1, 
Whitman, MA 02382
(781) 767-3333
Professional Association Memberships:
*American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA)
*National Association of Mobile Entertainers (NAME)
*Southern New England Assn of Professional DJs (SNAPDJs)
*Southeastern Massachusetts Professional DJ Network
*Rhode Island DJ Network
*New England Area Wedding Professionals